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沙巴体育App软件下载's libraries and archives are the academic crossroads of the University. No matter your year or your area of study, these extensive resources and deeply experienced staff are on hand to support your work every step of the way.

From our book collections and study spaces to our journals, databases, and digital information services, 沙巴体育App软件下载's libraries enable you to find the answers you need to achieve your academic goals. Our staff are dedicated to helping you navigate these resources to find the answers you're looking for quickly and precisely.

Resources for all of the 沙巴体育App软件下载 University libraries and archives can be located in the online public catalog.

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Mildred F. Sawyer Library

73 Tremont Street, 2nd Floor

Phone: 617-573-8535

Moakley Law Library

Sargent Hall, 6th floor

Phone: 617-573-8177

Moakley Archive & Institute

73 Tremont Street, 3rd floor

Phone: 617-305-6277

Art & Design Materials Library

Sawyer Building, 8 Ashburton Place, Room A23

Phone: 617-994-6439

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